About StudyWhr


Who We Are

StudyWhr was founded by two young entrepreneurs who met during National Service, where they served as Armour instructors. The most common question that was raised from our men, was always their uncertainty of direction after they ORD. With a deep hatred for all the noise and clutter of information on the internet, we went out and developed a comparison site catered to anyone looking to further their education in Singapore.

At StudyWhr, we seek to empower your decision making by giving you access to a database of unbiased information from all local & private institutes, regarding any diploma, bachelors or postgraduate course available in Singapore.

Your education search has never been simpler.


What We Do

Pursuing higher education is tough. Here at StudyWhr, we believe that at the very least the search for one shouldn’t be. Our aim is to provide Singaporeans with a free tool that they can always turn to during their education search – the buddy that you always turn to and say, “I don’t know where to study”


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